About Me

My name is Michael Aaron Murphy, and I am a free and open source software advocate. I have deep interests in Linux and Rust software development, whereby I have mastered both to a high degree of proficiency. As an open source Rust software developer in my free time, I have contributed to the Rust community with applications like MIT Parallel, Systemd Manager, and TV Renamer.

Personally, I am of the introverted type, which means that I prefer to spend my time in solitude tackling increasingly difficult problems versus engaging socially with others. My hobbies primarily revolve around Linux, Rust programming, and some anime on the side (occupational hazard).

My goals in life are to become the best open source software developer that I can possibly be, and to push Rust further along into dominance in the software industry. I have yet to find any job opportunities, but I will not stop sharpening my skills to master each and every field that I can. Naturally, I am always seeking job opportunities, so if someone needs software to be developed or wants to get Rust integrated into their existing projects, I am always available.